It's me. Angela. Come on. Open up. Let's talk. I'm worried about you. I wish I could say something that could snap you out of this.
Remember when we used to do our wishing game? We'd close our eyes, and we'd wish for something. Whatever we wanted. We both wished we could get bigger bedrooms. That was a big one. You would always wish for more protractors, which was weird. I would wish for a faster computer. Probably faster modem too. You would wish for better clothes. I didn't really care about that. We both we both wished we could drive. I just wanted to drive away. We wanted to go on road trips. And eat lots of Sour Patch Kids that we would buy from gas stations.
After we made all our wishes We'd close our eyes really hard, hoping that when we opened them, it'd all come true. And we thought the harder we closed them, the stronger our wishes would be. And even though they never came true, we still liked doing it. Because the ending was never our favorite part, anyway. It was the wishing. I didn't get that at first. You remember what you used to say to me right before we opened our eyes that would make it all better?
- No matter what happens, we'll be okay.

Our dreams will all come true I promise you 'Cause I can see For miles and miles In time we'll be dancing in the streets all night.