Hello, and welcome to my personal website, As a cybersecurity enthusiast and experienced software developer, I enjoy exploring the latest trends in the tech world and using my skills to solve problems and create new solutions. On this site, you'll find valuable information and resources about topics such as Android and Linux, programming, and cybersecurity best practices. Please take a look around and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

"hack to learn not learn to hack"

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Understanding Bluetooth security I

Recenlty I have been working with the Bluetooth protocol. I had knwoledge about bluetooth for a Master Degree I studied (Master en Telematica y redes de telecomunicaciones of University of Malaga). Obviously, It was a lot of years ago, so to remember this time, I got the Bluetooth Core Specification and; this time it will not be only teorical because I should to perform some tests like this:These kind of tests are very complex since mostly of tools implement correctly …

Añadir reCAPTCHA v2 en Django

Llevaba tiempo que queria poner comentarios en el blog, a pesar de tenerlo implementado desde una de las primeras versiones de la página, nunca lo puse en activo. Sobretodo porque para responder las dudas que pudiesen surgir en alguno de los post, si alguien estuviese realmente interesado siempre podría (y puede) enviar un email a correo que se encuentra en la seccion "Whoami". En este post pretendo explicar como se implementa un captcha para un formulario, reCAPTCHA v2 invisble en …

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