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Java deserialization vulnerability with Burp Suite

These days I have been practicing with Burp Suite Academy and I wanted to write a post about some of the vulnerabilities they have to practice. That is a very good platform if you want to learn about web vulnerabilities and exploitation. Moreover, they offer a certification about their software "...

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Personalización de KDE Plasma

Realmente podría haber escrito este post en inglés, pero dado que hay mucha más informacion de cómo realizar esto en inglés, he decidido escribirlo en español, también porque apenas veo ricers en español (aunque muchos seran solo porque no conocen este concepto, pero vaya). Además así me sirve a ...

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Setup VPN IPSec in Debian

It could be appear the typical post for filling content of a blog... But currently I am working in a project with VPNs and I would like to have a diary about how a VPN IPSec works and how to configure it in Linux (at least one configuration). It is not the first time I am working with a VPN IPSe...

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Making a Twitter API

Nowadays we are looking how the social networks have been turning into toxic environments. One of the problems on my point of view are the fake news. In this context, Twitter is the platform that thanks to the pseudo-anonimity is being the platform with more fake news spreaders (at least in Spain...

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