Hacking and random thoughts

write4 challenge of Rop Emporium

Over the past few days I have not enough time to write and play CTF games, but yesterday I had a little bit of time, so I searched a bit about websites which has challenges about exploiting, I found a lot of websites with these kind of challenges t...

Momentos y decisiones

Existen momentos en la vida en los que hay que tomar decisiones, a veces podemos llegar a pensar que no no tenemos que elegir, y simplemente dejarsnos llevar, aunque amigos, esto también es tomar una decisión.

Me estoy refiriendo a decisiones de verdad, no a la elección de que tipo de leche...

TUCTF 2018 - A couple of writeups

Last weekend I have played at TUCTF with my team PKTeam, We solved almost all challenges and enjoyed with these ones. Also, as I haven't written any writeups for a while, I chose to write two about exploiting.

CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2018 - shell->code 100 - Pwn


Linked lists are great! They let you chain pieces of data together.

nc pwn.chal.csaw.io 9005



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