Hacking and random thoughts

Fixing chinese Bluetooth dongle for Linux

Most of cheap Bluetooth dongles from Aliexpress do not work natively in Linux. I have been looking the source code of Bluetooth Linux driver looking for this problem and I have found that it is because some of these dongles are blacklisted because they are using for malicious actions. Thus if you...

write4 challenge of Rop Emporium

Over the past few days I have not enough time to write and play CTF games, but yesterday I had a little bit of time, so I searched a bit about websites which has challenges about exploiting, I found a lot of websites with these kind of challenges t...

Momentos y decisiones

Existen momentos en la vida en los que hay que tomar decisiones, a veces podemos llegar a pensar que no no tenemos que elegir, y simplemente dejarsnos llevar, aunque amigos, esto también es tomar una decisión.

Me estoy refiriendo a decisiones de verdad, no a la elección de que tipo de leche...

TUCTF 2018 - A couple of writeups

Last weekend I have played at TUCTF with my team PKTeam, We solved almost all challenges and enjoyed with these ones. Also, as I haven't written any writeups for a while, I chose to write two about exploiting.

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