Hacking and random thoughts


  • Wifizone This application is to scan WiFi networks and create a map with these networks. When you have a map in the database you can filter by encrypt mode (WEP,WPA,WPA2) and localize the position where is it and show the public information of this network.


  • cookiescanner Tool created to do more easy the process of check the cookie flag when we are analyzing multiple web servers.
  • SimpleBluetoothDiscovery A simple tool to discover services in bluetooth devices. This was a practice done in college and it has a lot of comments in spanish (sorry because it is not in english) that it could do more comprehensible the source code.
  • Comuniopy It is a simple API to get the information of your comunio account. Comunio is a web game where You are a manager of a team. Somebody continue my development of the API and now are in PyPI repositories. :) URL: Comuniopy
  • DHCPnotifier Program written in python that launch a notification when a Client is handshaking with the DHCP Server.

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