Hacking and random thoughts

About me

I am a world citizen that I like the hacking and a lot of stuff involved with technology.

I like reading books about cyberpunk/science fiction/dystopia. But, my favourite book is Siddartha of Hermman Hesse. It is not about technology or similar but it is my favourite book because It will do that you think about your own life.

One of my passion is the hacking, but not only about break or crash systems. I love the hacking mind. If something doesn't exist, do it (or DIY)! Hacking means create and learn more and more. Also, It can't study in the college. It is more, you need "hack to learn, and not learn to hack"..

If you want to contact with me, I am always in the IRC.

IRC-Hispano: /whois Manu

Freenode: /whois sinkmanu

Email: manu (at) unam (dot) re

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